Friday, June 29, 2007

It's Been Awhile

Trying to remember what I wrote last time... We did go to the doctor and the Maybaby is in fact a girl! Seems my mother's intuition isn't so bad after all! We (Phillip) started and ended a class in which he got a 98.7! Sold the house! It's kinda sad though, we are no longer homeowners just renters. I have finally grown a little. I am up to 7 pounds total gained in this pregnancy! The little one kicks all day long and I can feel her as she is getting stronger. It's an amazing, thing this growing a baby. It seems we have a daughter that likes her space. She doesn't like anything touching my stomach and when something does touch it, she immediately kicks at it. I have come to realize that getting kicked is no big thing. Who cares if she's playing soccer in there? I just look at it as her letting me know she's there and alive and well.

This last year has just been tumultuous. Lots of crazy things going on in our lives as well as our family's and friends' lives. Some good, some not so good. I have learned through all of this what it means to be married to a minister. I have learned that when it comes to others needing my husband's support and time and love that it is not my place to be selfish and un- supportive. I have my time with him, I just need to spend it wisely. Sometimes that's hard. My sin nature screams at me and it's tough to fight. But God's grace is amazing and He shows me again that His will is greater than mine. Submission. Humble submission. That is indeed an ongoing lesson.

We are nearing the end of this pregnancy. We hit 6 months this week. As eventful as it has been, I must say that time has flown. I have enjoyed it but I am ready for this little one to be here. I feel ready, prepared. I just pray that we can be Godly parents and teachers of His awesome word.

Til next time.