Monday, November 12, 2007

Sorry Ya'll!

So, it's been over 2 months since I posted last. I am so completely bad at this. Baby shower #2 was great. I got to see lots of family, you know the kind you only see once a year if you're lucky. I was given 2 special things at this shower: Phillip's baby blanket and a dress that was mine that will fit the baby at the same time I wore it. We went to the Alabama/ Vandy football game and had AMAZING seats. We had given Phillip's grandfather tickets MONTHS before for his birthday and we finally got to go. They won which was great. It was really humid and I was 9 months pregnant at this point so when it started raining I was a pretty happy girl. It was awesome! Not much has happened since then except..... we welcomed Katherine Adeline into this big bad world on October 20th (I have to brag that this was her due date) at 1:23 pm. She weighed in at 7 pounds, 7 ounces and was 21 inches long. God was so good to us through the whole thing. My dad got to the hospital literally minutes before I was able to start pushing, the rest of the family was already there and patiently (and eagerly) waiting for her arrival. Once I started pushing we lost her heartbeat, which was pretty scary. Phillip said they had the tools out ready to do a c- section (I'm so glad they didn't!). This happened every time after that when I pushed. After about 8 minutes of pushing, with the help of forceps, she arrived safely with her cord wrapped around her precious little neck. But she is happy and healthy and as the nurses put it, "darn near perfect". The funny part about the whole delivery is that my brother in law, Mark, was at the Alabama/ Tennessee game and was text messaging score updates. Phillip had predicted a few weeks before that she would be born at halftime so not long into halftime, she arrived! I married a prophet (ha ha).

We have now had miss Adeline in our lives for 4 weeks and can't remember life without her. She is amazing and makes us unbelievably happy. She sleeps all night (8 hours) and has been since about the 2nd week. We are truly blessed to be getting sleep! And I have finally figured out how to post pictures so I will leave you with these:

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